Our Teachers


Tamsin has been practicing yoga since 2003. She took her first steps towards teaching in 2007, taking a Foundation Course with the British Wheel of Yoga, and went on to study with Laura Gilmore at Bristol City Yoga, qualifying as a teacher in 2012.  She went on to study with Paul Harvey, a long time student of TVK Desikachar, completing his four year Yoga Practitioner & Teaching Diploma – an in depth study of yoga practice, philosophy and cikitsa (therapy). Tamsin continues to study with Paul, seeing him for one to one lessons for her personal practice, and attending further study courses. She recently completed a Teacher Training in the Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP) method with Mark Walsh.

Tamsin taught at the Broadway studio for several years in its Yoga Fever guise, and took over the running of the studio in 2016, relaunching as Yoga Boat.

Tamsin teaches a fun and accessible physical practice, whilst encouraging students to engage with the deeper aspects of yoga; to find moments of stillness and space to improve mental clarity and self-awareness.  She is interested in how yoga concepts can be applied practically to everyday life to help increase well-being, and in helping people to develop a home practice to empower them to access the benefits of yoga at any time.

Tamsin’s other interests include circus arts (she is a community member at Nofit State circus) and  Vipassana meditation.

Tamsin’s Qualifications:-

EYP (Embodied Yoga Principles) Teacher Trainee (awaiting certification) www.embodiedyogaprinciples.com        CYS (Centre for Yoga Studies) Yoga Teacher and Practitioner Diploma. (500hrs)www.yogastudies.org                    BWY (British Wheel of Yoga) Associate Teacher (National Governing Body for Yoga) www.bwy.org.uk
YA UK (Yoga Alliance UK) 200hrs Teacher www.yogaalliance.org


Mark’s passion is helping people live healthier, more positive and happier lives. He believes yoga is a potent tool for improving both physical and mental health and promoting greater self-awareness that may ultimately extend to others and the world at large. He sees yoga as a life affirming process that should encourage self- enquiry, acceptance, self-belief with a positive mental attitude.

Mark has been teaching yoga for 5 years but has been a health and fitness professional for nearly 2 decades, teaching a range of other health and fitness activities such as circuits, spin, boxercise, martial arts and outdoor fitness classes. A lover of nature, the outdoors, mountains and climbing, with a general sense of adventure, he travels often and loves seeing life from many different perspectives, often with camera at hand. Mark also practices vippasana meditation .

Mark’s classes typically combine movement and strong posture work with attention to breath and some meditative moments too. Aimed at those both newer to yoga and the more experienced, all are welcomed and encouraged to work. Working to stretch and open the whole body as well as strengthen and tone helping to promote good posture and a strong body for improved health and wellbeing. So naturally he likes to do the odd arm balance and core strengthener! Marks clear teaching comes from the heart, can be spontaneous, sometimes hands on, always informative and fun too.

A level 3 REPS yoga teacher, Mark first qualified with Sun Power Yoga, (a classical mix of Ashtanga for Flexibility & Stamina, Sivananda for Mind & Breath work, and Hatha for Alignment), trained under internationally renowned Course Director Anne Marie Newland a direct student of Swami Vishni Devananda. More recently Mark spent time in India and gained a Yoga alliance 200 certificate for both vinyasa yoga and Hatha yoga.


Sharon has been practicing yoga since 2002 when she fell in love with the practice in Australia. She trained with SunPower Yoga in London in 2010, and since then has worked with many notable teachers, including  Simon Low, Howard Napper, Claire Missingham at TriYoga London, Lucas Rockwood and Harreson Martell at Absolute Yoga Koh Samui Thailand and Mark O’Brien at Qi Sydney.

Sharon is a skilled teacher, equally at home teaching either dynamic hot yoga class or a blissful restorative yin class.  Her light-hearted and compassionate approach makes her classes incredibly popular with all ages and levels of experience.


Liz began practicing yoga in 2007 and attended her first Mysore style Ashtanga class in 2011 with Louis Charles in Cardiff.  She has since studied with world renowned teachers Kino Macgregor, Joey Miles, Melanie Cooper and currently with Caroline Simpson, who she assists in Bristol.  As part of her commitment to her practice and teaching, Liz will be studying at the Shri. K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPYJAYI) in Mysore, India throughout the month of February 2017. During periods of change and when everything around has been in transition, Liz has sought the comfort of returning to the mat each day, to anchor herself in the practise of Ashtanga. Liz teaches the Ashtanga method both in the traditional led sanskrit count and Mysore (self practice) style.


Katy sees yoga as a powerful tool for opening up the body, creating and maintaining health and perhaps more significantly in our hectic lives, letting the mind unwind. Despite many people’s preconceptions, yoga should be accessible to everyone irrespective of age and flexibility. Everyone’s bodies are very different so we must practice with an acceptance of our limits and an open mind to try new things and test the edges of our capabilities.

Katy has been teaching yoga in the UK and abroad for the last five years after initially studying with a traditional yoga ashram in South India. She continually develops her knowledge and teaching studying with teachers including Jason Crandell and Susanne Lahusen at Yoga Campus London. She is currently completing a two year diploma in yoga at Mandala Ashram. Katy is a founding member of the Cardiff Kirtan Group which meets regularly to share musical practices from yoga.  She also has a blog on which she shares her musings on yoga and life. You can find it at https://rohayoga.wordpress.com/    Katy is a registered British Wheel of Yoga Teacher

 Ariana – Mindfulness Teacher  www.changetalk.co.uk

Ariana is an experienced psychotherapist and trainer and has facilitated groups for many years.
She has taught mindfulness in a variety of settings delivering 8 week MBCT courses for the general public as well as training health professionals psychotherapists and counsellors in this approach. She introduced mindfulness based training for students at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama for performance anxiety and stress reduction in 2009 and is cofounder of Mindfulness in Higher Education.

Ariana initially attended Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy teacher training with Professor Mark Williams and attended teacher trainings with Jon Kabat Zinn, Saki Santorelli and John Teasdale all founders of MBCTand MBSR. She abides by the UK Mindfulness teachers code of practice. She has been practicing yoga since she was a teenager and has been meditating for many years.

Ariana is on the uk register of mindfulness teachers and supervises mindfulness teachers. She is an associate of Mindfulness Network UK.


Sian loves how practicing yoga makes you feel and opens you up – physically, mentally and emotionally – and the benefits that come from this in day to day life.  Sian has been practicing yoga since 2003 and teaching since 2015 after completing teacher training with Bristol City Yoga and Yoga Alliance.   Outside of yoga, Sian works in education and loves art, craft and reading lots of books.  She is looking forward to setting you all up for the day with some early morning classes with a sneaky bit of meditation.